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I’ve always loved Halloween and it’s even more fun with your own little ones. ¬†For a few years there I was a little deprived since Drew and Holly wanted to spend it with their friends and Jaimee was too little. But this year was awesome because it was the first year Jaimee REALLY knew what was up. And she was so excited! For the last two years, she’d been a pirate:


And I must say… could she BE any cuter?! At that time, I was ten days away from giving birth to Bennett. I was having some physical issues and could only make it around the block and then Ron had to take over and do the rest of the trick-or-treating with her. Which they did for HOURS. She loved it then.

And she loved it this year too! She was so excited and loved every second of it. This year, she was Alice in Wonderland:


I thought she looked completely adorable.

I haven’t made the scrapbook pages about the actual night yet, which will include Bennett in his costume, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to share how fun our night was.


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