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Last week, BasicGrey announced the Design Team for the 2013-2014 year. And yep! For the third straight year, I’m on the team again, yay!


Up to this point, I’ve made strictly digital creations for them. Most recently, I made this:


using their newly released “Clippings” digital kit. Which I *heart*.  I just adore the style and the muted colors.


Have you seen their new Capture line?! And the Carte Postale collection?! Let me give you a peek:




Ok, seriously… I saw this stuff and HAD to do something with the awesome.


I’ve actually been pinning paper creations for over a year. You see, I started scrapbooking digitally over 4 years ago and while I love it and it will remain my main way to document our memories, there have been some things I’ve missed about paper scrapping. The two biggest of those have been utilizing the actual memorabilia, and incorporating my own handwriting. Sure, I’ve taken pictures of memorabilia and included it in the photo books where have my digital scrapbook pages printed. And I could use a Wacom pad to include my own handwriting. But it’s not the same. And I’ve missed it.

I’d see paper scrapping things on Pinterest that incorporated these things… Project Life pages, “Smash” book pages… and I started pinning the ones that inspired me. But nothing made me actually want to create a paper album UNTIL… I saw BasicGrey’s new Capture line. It has everything! Yummy kraft albums. The coolest papers and embellishments. Pocket pages. I fell in love! Between that and their Carte Postal line, I was finally inspired enough to actually do some paper scrapping again! And what better way to get my memorabilia fix than to document our recent family vacations with a travel book! And of course, the Carte Postale line couldn’t be more perfect for a travel theme.

So I started with the plain kraft binder-style album in the Capture line that includes 7×9.5 kraft pages and envelope. I love love love it!

It allowed me to create any cover I wanted and here’s how I decorated the cover:
(and most, but not all of this is on the BasicGrey blog today)


I love the notebook page-style sticker along the left side. And clearly, I couldn’t get enough of the Capture and Carte Postale goodies! In the filmstrip, I used pieces of a Disneyland newspaper (yay, incorporating memorabilia!) and I loved using the various alphabets to create my title.


On the inside front cover I used paper from the Capture pad (it’s already sized perfectly for the Capture albums and the papers are so nice and thick!) as well as more alphabets to create a “log” of all the dates of our trips. We started a “Year of Disney” in April. We went again in May and again in July. I wanted something at the beginning of the book to show a list of our trips. If I fill up the front, I can create another one on the back cover (because there are two of each of the papers in each pad)!

In this spread, I wanted to document the road trip (thankfully, we live close enough to drive).



I printed out maps from the internet (imagine how fun these will be to look back at as technology changes!) and on the left side used BasicGrey fabric tape and a few embellishments:


and plenty of my own handwriting right on one of the kraft pages that comes with the Capture album. On the right side, I adhered the Yahoo Maps printout directly onto the back side of the kraft envelope. There’s a label and some alpha stickers used to create a journaling spot as well as an arrow sticker (from the Waterfall pack) and some vellum binder-hole reinforcing stickers directly on the map printout.


When you turn the “envelope page”, you see where I documented the hotel where we stayed.


I had lots of fun incorporating the memorabilia from the hotel (there’s more inside the pocket like the hotel bill) and using a sheet from one of the hotel note pads to create a journal spot.


And isn’t this a fun little cluster of delicious BasicGrey goodness?!

On the right side I simply used one of the pocket pages for photos of us in our hotel room. Easy! The room key (yes, I kept it! and punched a hole in in it!) and a business card (using more of the cool vellum binder-hole reinforcing stickers) are their own “pages” within the spread.

In this next spread, I documented how we surprised our 5 year old.


The same pocket page from the previous hotel page houses the photos as well as a title card with patterned paper behind it:


and look how perfectly the “1st Visit” button fits in one of the pockets! (I removed the pin and flattened it first). On the right side I used a kraft page and an assortment of photos from some of the first things we did when we got there. I love the garland from the Carte Postale line – such perfect whimsy for the photos about how much fun we were having!


Overlayed on top of that is a card from the Capture Waterfall Pack which has a little more journaling about the surprise as well as a printout of a QR code which takes you right to the YouTube page where I uploaded of video we’d taken of the actual moment we surprised Jaimee. I think it’s a pretty cool way to get videos into your scrapbook pages!


If you’ve been to Disneyland or Disney World, you know about the Fast Pass system, right? It’s very cool and I love being able to put the unused tickets into my album:


The tags “swing” open by the tape:

The arrow stickers, acetate stopwatch, and “ticket” are BasicGrey.
while the stamps, tape, and tags are from my stash. The info on FastPass came from one of the Disney park maps – I just cut it out and adhered it right to the kraft page with a little black outlining around it.

Can you tell how much I utterly adore the Capture and Carte Postale goodies?! I’ve obviously still got more of our three trips to cover to complete my album. This is just part of the first trip! But I’m so pleased with how the album is turning out so far. Stay tuned for more!

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Welcome to the BasicGrey Design Team Blog Hop! If you’ve been following along, you would have arrived here from Jana Eubank‘s blog. And before this post is over, I’m going to tell you how you can win a free digital kit, how you can download right now for free a different digital kit, and how you can enter to win a $10 credit to use in the BasicGrey store!

I’m thrilled to have been asked to join the BasicGrey Design Team for a 2nd term. I first started scrapbooking with paper and BasicGrey was my first paper love. When I started digital scrapping, I was so excited when BasicGrey started putting out their collections in digital form. You can imagine what an honor is was, and still is, to be working with them!

Today I’m going to share a back-to-school layout with you. Have your kids started school yet? Drew started last week on Monday! And Holly started this week on Tuesday. For this page I used a BasicGrey template called So Special 2 Me. You can see how I altered it to accommodate my portrait-oriented photo. It was such a great start to this page and it was so easy to add borders and such to the paper strip area. And this template? Only a buck. Yep! One dollar! For all the paper and goodies, I used BG’s Recess Collection. I adore Recess… the colors, and the use of graphs, numbers, and letters… and you can win the Starter Kit!

I mean seriously… it’s cool, right? Take a closer look at the awesome monograms:

Here’s my page using Recess and the template:

See how I changed the colors of the stitched button border? I just adjusted the Hue slider until the red buttons turned teal (the black things stay black).  I *heart* digi. I also added an outline to the “h” monogram because I wanted it to stand out a bit more. To do this, use the stroke function (in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements). I added a 7px stroke and added the shadow affects after that.

So… to celebrate the new design team, BasicGrey is allowing me to give away the Recess Starter Kit. For your chance to win, just post here on my blog in the comments section and tell me if you’re a paper, hybrid, or digi scrapper and what you love about it! One person will be chosen at random to win this kit!

And right now, you can download the Dasher Starter Kit for free! Just click the image to be taken to the item in BasicGrey’s store. See the price? Yep! $0.00! Gotta love it.

Ok, another giveaway. On the most recent project of mine posted on the BasicGrey blog, if you make a layout using the awesome sketch provided (and here’s my page using it):

and leave a comment there by August 26, 2012 at 11:59p MST (that’s this Sunday, people!) linking to your project, one winner will be chosen at random to win a $10 credit to spend in the BasicGrey store. For paper or digi supplies! Odds are good, people, head on over there! As of the time I’m writing this, there’s only one entry in the comments section!

Ok, my work here is done. It’s time to hop on over to Kim Jeffress‘ blog. Remember, if you find a link that doesn’t work, you can always hop back to the BasicGrey blog for a list of direct links to all of the blogs in the hop. Happy hopping!

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Drew starts school in two weeks. And this “back-to-school” is going to be a little different. Because… he’s going to be in high school. HIGH SCHOOL?! What is this time warp? It doesn’t seem like so long ago that I was in high school. Or that long ago when Drew was just a little boy.

I created this page to document his graduation cerimony from 8th grade:

(click image for supply details and more info; all supplies Designer Digitals)

and he looks so grown up (and handsome!) to me. Since then he’s gotten his hair cut short (see updated blog header!) and I love it. I think it makes him look even older. You know what’s crazy now? I will be the mother of:

a high schooler

a middle schooler

a pre-schooler

and a nursing baby.

This is wild. But definitely, an awesome wild that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I love my life. I’m living my life’s dream come true. I’m a happily married, stay-at-home mommy to four beautiful wonderful children.

A quickie update on my other babies:

Holly was invited to go to the Europe trip with her school. It’s a big deal to be asked and for a couple weeks we seriously entertained the idea:

(click image for supply details and more info; all supplies Designer Digitals)

Ultimately, we decided it wasn’t the right time and we’d rather spend the money on a family vacation. But I was still very proud of her that she was asked.

Jaimee is such a sweet girl… she’s becoming more “girl” and less “baby” quickly! I took these photos of her at the park a few weeks ago and love how they turned out:

(click image for more info; all supplies Basic Grey)

Bennett of course, makes changes weekly! From this:

 (click image for more info; all supplies Basic Grey)

to this!

(click image for supply details and more info; all supplies Designer Digitals)

He’s 8 months old here and you can see his bottom two teeth are already in. Right now, his top right tooth has come in (I’m calling him “snaggletooth” right now cause it looks pretty funny!) and his top left is just about to break through. So early with this teething! *pout* And yes, I agree. He looks just like his Daddy. Even I can see it. It’s so adorable to me that I have a baby version of my husband!

I hope you’ve been having an awesome summer break. We have! I can’t believe that it’s nearly over!

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There’s crazy good and… well just plain crazy. Today, I share with you both.

Let’s start with some crazy good. Like how you can win a Basic Grey collection of your choice!! Check out today’s Basic Grey blog post. If you create a layout based on today’s “Basic Sketch”:

"Basic Sketch" Nov. 7, 2011

and comment in the blog post with a link to your layout, you will be entered to win. Here’s my layout on which the sketch was based:

I mentioned in my last post another Basic Grey blog post with a layout of mine, but couldn’t share the layout here at that time. Here it is now:

This uses the Lauderdale Collection from Basic Grey Digital. So vibrant and fun and perfect for Holly’s tropical-themed birthday party.

One of my favorite Basic Grey creations so far is this layout using a photo from when Holly and other family and I were at the mall… we turned around to see her being this adorable:

What a cutie!! She makes me smile all. the. time.

Ok, ready for some just plain crazy? First, I’ve got only about 2.5 weeks left in this pregnancy. That is CRAZY! My most recent page documenting the pregnancy:

(all supplies from DesignerDigitals.com, click image for larger view and details)

What’s even crazier… early in the morning on Saturday Oct. 22, Ron was awakened by excruciating pain. He’d had an episode about a week before with terrible pain in his back. Now it was worse and was radiating around his right side and a bit in front too. I finally convinced him he needed to go to the ER. If you’re one of my FB friends, you saw me post about the saga. Turns out it was gall stones and he had sugery that evening to remove his gall bladder. I spent the first night in the hospital with him and was so glad I could. He was able to come home late the following night (Sunday). He was mostly recovered within a week. Which is a good thing because…

Are you ready for more craziness?! That week, I starting having some outrageous pain myself. Thank goodness Ron’s mom was here for the week to help with meals and stuff since Ron and I were both incapacitated. That Sunday, it became so bad, I couldn’t take it anymore… the pain coming from a pregnancy-induced problem. Ummm… I hate to say the ugly word, but it was… hemmorhoids. If you’ve never had a serious case of these, you have no idea how painful and incapaciating these can be. There are actually lots of nerve endings there. Anyway, Ron took me to the ER. They couldn’t offer the full hemmorhoidectomy surgery since I’m pregnant, but they were able to do a smaller procedure. Within three days, I could tell it was a good decision as I was able to at least be up and around and take care of the kids. My OB has told me to stay resting for the rest of the pregnancy. Thank goodness it’s not too much longer!

I hope to be updating this blog within a couple weeks and share some wonderful baby news and happy just-had-a-baby kind of craziness!

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Thank goodness the weather finally cooled. The 90 and 100 degree temperatures were killing me! Lately it’s been cool enough to open the windows and let the fresh air in. Ahhhhhh! Tomorrow I hit 34 weeks pregnant. I had Drew take pics at 32 weeks and made this:

It’s getting pretty tough now. The pain from the Sympysis Pubis Dysfunction has kept me reclining for most of the day. Even just sitting upright is bad and makes things worse. Things should resolve after the baby comes as long as we’re careful and don’t cause further injury during the delivery. And nope, still no name! We may just leave the hospital with “Baby Boy Summers” like we did with Jaimee!

Today, my first assigment was posted on the Basic Grey blog! The challenge was to use their Lauderdale collection including three specific products from that line. You can see that blog post here. I think my page turned out pretty cute!

On Saturday, this page:

was featured at Gallery Standouts, yay! Love when that happens!

Ok, time for me to get out of this chair! Ouch!

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