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I’ve always loved Halloween… I love the dressing up, the trick-or-treating, the candy… this year we’re doing something really fun (hint: a very happy place!) and for the first time (and most likely the last) we’re doing one theme for the whole family. I know the Alice in Wonderland theme has been done before, but it’s still fun for us to do it. I had a little harder time with the guys… either they didn’t want to do a full-on costume (cough, Drew, cough) or they weren’t old enough to cooperate (cough, Bennett, cough)… or, well, Ron was actually ready to do a full costume, but he only told me this a couple days ago and there wasn’t enough time to shop for/make/whatever a full Mad Hatter costume. If only I’d known!

Here we are:


Jaimee is Alice!
I’m the Queen of Hearts
Ron is the Mad Hatter
Holly is the Cheshire Cat
Drew is a Card Guard
Bennett is the White Rabbit

Bennett looks even cuter when you can see his face:

Okeee, this is a quickie. Gotta go pack the car. Now get outta my way. Or OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

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It was May. Since we had shut down the business and Ron had gotten a great job a few months prior, we were excited to think about planning our first family vacation in years.  And of course, we thought of Disneyland! A place where all ages could have fun! And then we heard about Disneyland ticket and annual passholder prices going up. So we jumped before the price increase. We wanted to be able to go for the year (we’d done annual passes in the past and loved it) and not have any block-out days so bought Premium Annual Passes and we knew we’d have until Dec. 31st to activate them and start our “year of Disney”.

We were all set. I made reservations for a trip for the first week of January (we would activate them just before the deadline) and were so excited about our first family vacation in over three years. And Christmas at Disneyland!


(Disneyland will be dressed up for Christmas through January 6)

Well, in October, Ron lost his job. We of course still had hope we could pull it off… maybe just go down there for a short trip to activate them and plan a big trip a little later and still have most of the year to enjoy them. But we finally had to let the dream die. It was so hard after months of planning and Jaimee talking about going to Disneyland. But it just makes more sense to try and liquidate these so we can pay some bills and buy some Christmas gifts and wait to do the Disneyland thing when we would have the money to really enjoy it.

We have vouchers we bought from Disney online. They are PDFs that you print out and bring with you to the ticket booth at Disneyland. There are no names on these, just a bar code and activation code on each one. Once you get there, you give them all your info and then they become annual passes with an identity attached to them. Vouchers are how people can buy these as gifts, and then the recipients have no problems using them. So, no worries on that front. Once they are activated, they are good for one year. And as long as they are activated by Dec. 31st, the difference in what we paid and what they now cost won’t be charged.

Premium Annual Passes for Disneyland now sell for $649 each (regardless of age… price is all the same for APs and ages 3 and up need some kind of ticket to get in). We would like to sell ours for $600 each. Still a deal for you (you’re saving  $49 per ticket) and a help to us as you can understand.

If you’re interested, please email me at scrapkat(at)gmail. We could also discuss the reservations for a hotel we have within walking distance… a two room suite for less than half of what the Disneyland Hotel charges! We could probably figure out how to get you that reservation too!

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Cos I’m on fi-yah!

Since we last spoke, I’ve had a bunch more things picked up for publication, PLUS a request for a feature article plus four layouts for Scrapbook Magazine! (UK) I’m international now. :p A request for one layout for the February issue of Creating Keepsakes, one layout for the March issue of Scrapbook Trends, two layouts for Scrap n’ Art eZine Nov/Dec issue, and four layouts for the next issue of Scrapbook News & Review eZine. All digital. It’s super exciting for me. And somewhat surprising since I only started digi scrapping about seven months ago.

Saw this posted on Facebook and about a week and a half ago, I posted it on FB too. At that time there were 12K views and a few days later it had 16K views. Well, at this moment, it has 78,571 views! I’m happy for him, whoever he is. It’s a fun song (yes, I just admitted to liking a Miley Cirus song) but this video is WAY better than Miley’s. He’s using ALS (American Sign Language) to sign “Party in the USA”. And he’s just too cute. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

Thanks for reading my blog today. And please forgive me for the lame post title. But I am pretty excited. :)

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